The Hartford Fiddle Tune Project

“If we play our cards right, we can fiddle all day and on through the night.” — John Hartford

It’s no secret that John was obsessed with the fiddle, it’s genealogy, and it’s artistry. That’s why we published “John Hartford’s Mammoth Collection of Fiddle Tunes”, to showcase his passion for the instrument and the original tunes he spent years composing. That’s also why our next step is to get these tunes recorded, so they can be released into the “fiddleverse”, to be played and enjoyed by other fiddle enthusiasts. We’re inviting you to join us on the journey — sign up below for news regarding our efforts to preserve John’s fiddle legacy. Thanks for your help in keeping his music alive!

John Hartford’s Mammoth Collection of Fiddle Tunes contains 176 of John’s original compositions, taken from the sixty-eight handwritten music journals he kept between 1983 and 2001. Interspersed with stories, quotes, and his own personal artwork, this is a fiddle anthology unlike any other. A peek inside the unique mind of a prolific musician and composer, “Hartford’s Mammoth Collection” will inspire musicians, artists, music historians, and anyone who loves the creative process.